Google Android has achieved a staggering amount of users throughout the world, and Android applications play a significant role in it. Now people get the facility to operate these applications from their desktop or laptop. You can find many software or tools, which have been used to merge a Smartphone with a PC. We have seen many people use various Android apps from their PCs, which are powered by Windows Operating System.

But today we will discuss this article for MAC users. So Windows users just read this article and can keep it in your mind for using in future if you like to buy Macbook Air or Macbook Pro for you.

Many MAC users ask that is it possible to access Android Apps from Macbook? I will tell you, yes you can, but you need to download specific software for this. Otherwise, it cannot be possible. BlueStacks is one those software which can help you run Android apps on your Macbook.

If you are using any Mac products like iMac, MacBook (2015-16) or Mac Pro, then you can download BlueStacks on your device. This App player is compatible with every MAC system.

BlueStacks is very useful app player for you if you want to access Android Apps from your Computer. It already proved its usefulness for Windows system But can’t ignore its essentiality for MAC system.

About the Company which has made BlueStacks App Player

BlueStacks is a product of an American silicon-based company, and the headquarters of this company is situated in Cambell, California. The founders of this App Player are Rosen Sharma and Jay Vaishnav.

BlueStacks is a connector between a mobile phone or a personal computer. It can easily convert a MAC system into an Android device. Cloud computing technology has been used in this app player. You can use multiple Android apps from your Macintosh system by using Bluestacks.


BlueStacks is one of the best software, which can switch your Macintosh Computer to an Android System. It can unite your MAC device and Android experience flawlessly.

Is this Software virus free?

Before downloading any software or any app on our computer, one thing must come to our mind that whether the app or software is virus free or not. Because we have seen seldom, or often our system has been down due to virus attack and most of the viruses are come due to downloading any files or software.

But I can say from my personal experience; BlueStacks is completely virus free. You can use this app software safely on your computer. Your MAC system is completely free from virus or malware attack and any other damages if you use it.

Even you can find multiple reviews of BlueStacks on its official sites as well as any review platforms and most of the users have shared their good experience about BlueStacks. Due to the high-security function BlueStacks never brings malware with its.


The best thing is you can get BlueStacks for MAC free, but you need to pay additional charges. The cost od the latest version of BlueStacks is $2 but believe me, it is worth to buy this software. With this latest version, you can access multiple Android app full screen on your Macbook Air & Pro.

The latest version (v. of BlueStacks has been released on 8th August 2016. If you want to download the app player, then click here.

How to download BlueStacks?

You need to follow three simple steps to get this software on your Mac:

  • Visit download page of, and when you go to that page automatically, a pop-up will come to save the .exe file. Click on “Save file.”
  • After downloading this software, you need to run it and install it on your system.
  • After installing the software, you need to hit continue to start this app player.



This is a complete guide of BlueStacks. So download this app and taking benefits of this stunning software. I am sure you will earn excellent experience and regret why you didn’t get this app player before.

If you are using Linux and want to use BlueStacks then, you can also get this software. So don’t worry, you can operate your Android apps on your Linux System.